What Mothers Actually want for Mother’s Day

How many times have you received a gift that you knew, from the moment it was handed to you, that you would never use it? Or my favorite… an expensive gift that you can’t do anything with, but its actively dying… like flowers.


I wanted to honor my best friend some years ago, so I bought her Over $100 worth of calla lilies. She loved them! She loved them for the 3 days they lasted before wilting.

Ugh what a waste of money! We could’ve done so many other things or gone to some cool places for that kind of money.

Before you make the detrimental mistake of just buying someone flowers for Mother’s day, please read this!

Mother’s day is rapidly approaching and I’m realizing that there are many misconceptions about what mothers actually want for gifts. That is a serious travesty! I have done some research from moms all over, especially those who struggle with their mental health, and I have compiled the top 10 gifts mothers would actually want for Mother’s Day.

1. A nap

Contrary to popular belief, mothers DO NOT want to wake up to breakfast at 6am. That is entirely against my religion! Please don’t wake your mom up with that. Let her sleep! Please! If you really want mother’s day brownie points, take the kids, leave the house, and let her sleep!

2. Redeemable vouchers

I know this is an old school idea, but it still works. It’s very difficult for us to be honest and say when we need help. Or worse, we ask for help, and no one is willing to help out or give us the break we desperately need. With redeemable vouchers, mothers can take the break they need when they need it. Some ideas would be vouchers for someone else to cook, do the dishes, wash and fold the laundry or vouchers for a massage, a bath, or… my favorite… a trip to the bathroom ALONE. Haha!

3. An outing

It is common to believe moms want elaborate dinners or hundreds of dollars on flowers. And although some women may find those things appealing, most would rather have some fresh air. Plan a nice long adventure around your area. Discover hidden trails and gardens that she might enjoy. It’s rare that we get to stop and just enjoy what’s around us, so a trip to a garden could be a wonderful gift for the mother in your life.

4. The amazing hair dryer/brush

Another request was making certain times of the day easier. I am a huge fan of this Revlon hair dryer brush! As someone who sometimes struggles with depression, this hair brush makes the mornings easier and the added volumizer will give the mom in your life an added confidence. If a gift can make my life easier in any way, sign me up!

5. Time alone

Being a single parent means time alone is rare. The greatest mother’s day gift would be having someone babysit my kids for a day. I love my critters, but they run my patience out and there just isn’t time to recharge. A day (or two..) alone would give mom the chance to recoup and be the best mom she is able to be. Feel free to add this to your vouchers!

6. Handmade cards

My baby girl is 6 and the little handmade cards she makes for me are just adorable. However, as an adult, I haven’t made my mother any handmade cards since I was a kid. It seems a bit childish, but these cards hold so much meaning for us. How much would it surprise her if you created a card for her instead of just buying one? She would be elated by your thoughtfulness!

7. Spend time with her

This is another easy but overlooked gift. As a working mother, I don’t get enough time with my kids. I’m always running, blogging, or teaching. There’s just so much to do. I would imagine a perfect mother’s day involving just existing with my kids. No running, no cleaning, no cooking, just vegging out on the couch in front of a marathon of some show we love eating whatever can be delivered to us. Quality time is taken for granted. Our mothers are beautiful but they are not eternal. This is the time to just enjoy her company because she is here.

8. Gratefulness journal/Planner

I am a lover of journals and planners any day of the week. Planners keep my day and my thoughts organized and helps me to keep track of what I have going on. I spend quite a bit on journals- one for each responsibility (teacher, mother, blogger). It also helps if the journal or planner comes with words of wisdom, gratefulness, or colorful pages. It inspires me to keep using it. This would be a great gift for the mom in your life!

9. Invest in her

I have no idea what the number is of women who have had to defer their dreams because of having children. Some are able to overcome that, but others who are single parents and only have one income, struggle with making moves towards our dreams. If there is something that a mom has been expressing she’s always wanted to do, please invest in her. If it’s picking up yoga, dance classes, starting steps of a business, blogging, etc.- please show her that her ideas and thoughts are valuable and invest in her dreams and ideas. This could be buying her a canvas and paint brushes or crochet needles for some projects she wants to finish. She is worth it and should be allowed to see her dreams realized despite having children.

10. Essential oils

Everyone needs a spa day without having to go to a spa. Essential oils are… essential for this! They are proven to relax and calm the most anxious of minds and helps to de-stress. I have a diffuser by my pillow with lavender in it and that promotes calmness and sleep. This would be a wonderful gift for a mother who is always running and just in need of a relaxing moment in her own space.

I hope these suggestions help you with your gift buying process this week! More importantly, I hope you take the time to truly honor the mother that is in your life- be it your mother, your wife, your sister, or an aunt. Whoever it may be, for this moment, honor their hard work and dedication to putting everything and everyone before their own needs.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. J S

    These are such great, affordable ideas!

  2. Jes

    Great list! Love all of these ideas!

  3. Melissa Robidoux

    This is such a great post! I was chuckling reading it because you’re right on point!!

    1. StellaB

      Lol I’m so glad it made you laugh! So over these lame gifts I keep getting lol

  4. Holly Bird

    A day with my children is the best gift I could get!! Great post!

    1. StellaB

      I agree Holly! There’s nothing like it!

  5. Laura

    I did ask for essential oils this year. My daughter usually makes me a handmade card too. I treasure them.

    1. StellaB

      I asked for essential oils too. Let’s see if I get it. I’m betting I’ll end up with flowers… which is exactly what I don’t want. lol

  6. Charlene

    These are some great gifts! I love how creative people are getting with their Mother’s Day gifts!

    1. StellaB

      Thank you so much! Certain gifts are getting played out… we have to start thinking differently!

  7. Great ideas! All I want is to not have to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or wash dishes, or clean the house, or have my name called when my husband is sitting an arm’s length from one of the kids who’s screaming “mommy!!!!”

    1. StellaB

      Girl I hear you on that! So annoying! I’m like “Call grandma” and grandma is like “call your mom” HAHA! It’s a mess at my house!

  8. Lisa Manderino

    Great list, time is running out! I need to get on it!

    1. StellaB

      I’m glad you liked it! Feel free to click on one of these links to get your gift!

  9. Jennifer Morrison

    Great ideas! I always enjoy simple gifts, but prefer it if my family does something. Like cleans the house or mows the lawn. I love it!

    1. StellaB

      Mow the lawn? You can get someone to mow the lawn??? I have to pay people! Ugh! lol

    1. StellaB

      Thank you I hope it gave you some good ideas!

  10. Pauline

    What a great list. We usually go camping then do some type of family dinner. My husband usually gets me a perennials plant for the yard. This year I asked for a new tiller.

    1. StellaB

      That’s so sweet! Camping is great with family. I’m not an outdoors person but I love it when others are with me. Enjoy your mother’s day!

  11. Karla

    It’s like you read my mind!!!!! Thank you!

  12. Lina

    I love this post! I love all your ideas especially the redeemable vouchers to go to the bathroom alone! Hahaha….

  13. Heather

    Great ideas! I just want to scrapbook all day and have my boys around 🙂 Or a Disney cruise, they can pick. LOL!!!

    1. StellaB

      Ugh if you go, send me pictures!

  14. Leigh Ann

    The hairdryer and oils would be top of my list too! Great suggestions.

    1. StellaB

      Make sure to send your family to my post to purchase it for you <3

  15. Yolanda

    Number 1 and number 5 for me!!! I was saying to my husband yesterday how I want to lay in my bed watch tv and do nothing all day!!! I WANT TO BE A SLUG! LOL!!!!! Love this post!

    1. StellaB

      YESSSS!!! SLUG MODE!!!! LET’S DO IT!!!

  16. Meagan

    These are all great ideas! I think people underestimate what a gift that “time alone” can be for someone.

    1. StellaB

      Oh yes! Especially with single parenting. I’m never alone!

  17. Kim

    Great ideas! Mother’s day snuck up this year, but i’m glad you gave me some ideas!

    1. StellaB

      Sweet! I’m so glad I could help!

  18. Shirley

    Number 7 gets my vote for the win! I’m a mom to six adult children and I always say that the best present I could receive from them is the gift of their presence.

  19. Kyndall Bennett

    😅 My mom finally told me to just get her gift cards. We’re more alike than I care to sometimes admit!

  20. Michelle

    A nap and time alone for the win!! I would love a full day to be a completely lazy bum honestly. Then snap back into action the next day 🙂

  21. Cindy

    These are great suggestions! As a young mom I loved some alone time! Now I love it when my grown kids and I get together. And for my mom, my sister and I take her out for some fun and a dinner together at the restaurant of her choice. Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. StellaB

      Happy mother’s day to you!

  22. Liza

    Great ideas! Always good to find something a little different for the special women in our lives. Thanks for sharing.

  23. T.M. Brown

    I always love it when the boys get me something that reminds them of a special event or memory we made together. An ornament from a place we visited, a figurine from a show we saw – those are the best kinds of gifts for me because it shows me that the memory is special to them, as well.

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